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Testing Procedure

What to Expect at a Consultation

Upon arrival for a consultation, initially patient details such as name, age, medical history and current medical concerns will be recorded.  I  then implement the technique of Medical Dowsing to help identify areas of health concern.  Once this is done, we then dowse over a number of treatment protocols in order to establish a customised recovery programme for you, which will include Homoeopathic transdermal patches and possibly nutritional supplements if appropriate.  Health and lifestyle counselling may also be included to suit your current requirements.  This would be based on my years of experience as a Healthcare professional within the industry. 

After practising for many years as a traditional Homoeopath I recognised shortfalls with the diagnostic technique, however, since utilising Medical Dowsing, I have found a greater level  of accuracy across my consultations resulting in better patient recovery. 

Falling in line with my spiritual beliefs and drawing on Homoeopathy and good nutritional advice, I feel I offer the patient the best possible experience available, to help them with their healthcare journey.  All consultations follow a natural pathway,  undertaken with the diagnostic aid of a pendulum and my  intuitive abilities.

My transdermal patches are derived from Homoeopathic essences are derived from a variety of sources as shown below:



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