Dowsing & EMF

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are produced wherever electricity or electrical equipment is in use.

EMFs in and around the home are produced by anything with electric current flowing through it, such as powerlines running from the street to your home, the home wiring system and electrical appliances. Most household appliances operate on 240 volts, so electric fields are low.

In the workplace, electric fields and magnetic fields may be produced by nearby powerlines, factory machinery, computers, lights, photocopiers, electrical cabling, etc

Electric and magnetic fields in and around the home can be produced by anything with electric current flowing through it, including nearby powerlines, your home wiring system or electrical appliances in use in the home. However, generally, powerlines contribute little to the electrical fields that can be measured inside a house or office. This is because the walls of the building, in fact any solid object, create a shield from the electrical field. A typical house generally shields at least 90% of the electrical fields from outside.
magnetic fields from powerlines.

Both high voltage lines and distribution lines produce magnetic fields. In many cases, high voltage lines are constructed on easements where building is not permitted.

Magnetic fields associated with powerlines depend on the amount of current flowing along the line and the distance from the line.

Fields rapidly decrease in strength with distance, therefore inside a house, magnetic fields from nearby powerlines is usually similar to that from wiring and appliance.

The following table shows typical magnetic field strengths from a number of common sources, including powerlines. Fields are measured in a unit 'milligauss'. To give you an idea of the relative strength of EMFs, the following guide shows the typical magnetic fields from appliances and under powerline. (Appliance measurements taken at normal user distance)
Other forms of electromagnetic energy

Electric and magnetic fields from powerlines are often confused with microwaves and X-ray

Microwaves are energy waves which cause heating when absorbed into tissue, such as microwave ovens. For communication purposes, microwaves are concentrated into low power beams, which are directed at a receiver. If a person is exposed to high levels of microwaves for long periods of time, then health effects can occur from heating of the body's tissue. Australian Standards for the limits of exposure to microwaves are designed to avoid this effect.

X-rays are another form of electromagnetic energy involving very high energy waves. They produce effects in living systems because the energy they carry is so great it can break molecular bonds. This is why there are strict safety regulations in place to limit exposure to X-rays.

Low frequency electric and magnetic fields associated with the use of electricity are different from these forms of energy. They are not absorbed like microwaves and cannot break molecular bonds.

ENERGEX's approach to EMF
In response to community interest in electric and magnetic fields (EMF), ENERGEX has, and will continue to provide balanced and factual information about EMF.

EMF are produced wherever electricity or electrical equipment is in use. In and around your home EMF are produced by anything with  an electric current flowing through it, such as powerlines running from the street to your home, your home wiring system and electrical appliances.

What is ENERGEX doing about EMF?

  • ENERGEX maintains contact with a number of bodies and committees which regularly meet to discuss and evaluate any new research into EMF.
  • ENERGEX conducts its own monitoring and analysis of EMF levels associated with its network in South East Queensland.
  • ENERGEX has staff available to answer questions and provide information to the general public regarding EMF. Telephone 13 12 53.

The Australian electricity industry and ENERGEX practice prudent avoidance when designing the electricity network system. Prudent avoidance means that where feasible or reasonable, powerlines are located away from people.
ENERGEX operates all powerlines in its distribution area within the guidelines set by the National Health and Medical Research Council.


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