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Homoeopathy is an exceptionally safe form of natural medicine which treats the whole individual on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Not only does it maintain the good health of a patient, in addition, it aids recovery from ill health, by relying on the body's own powers of self-regulation and self-healing to effect a cure once remedies have been administered.

Ever since its development nearly two hundred years ago, Homoeopathy has benefited millions of people, young and old, from all walks of life, in countries all over the world.

The word Homoeopathy is derived from two Greek words, omio meaning 'same' and pathos meaning 'suffering'.

A Homoeopathic remedy is one which produces the same symptoms as those the sick person complains of, and in so doing provokes the body into throwing them off. 'Like may be cured by like', (similia similibus curentur) is the basic principle of Homoeopathic therapeutics.


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*Vivian uses her intuitive skills as a medical dowser tapping into a natural force to help her identify areas of health consideration. Please note that Vivian will not ask you to give up any medically prescribed medication or interfere with any medically prescribed treatment plan, rather add to this so that you can you may be proactive in your recovery and if required reassess your condition with your medical doctor. This treatment plan suits many patients looking for a more gentle and natural approach to their health care improvement.


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