Remote Healings

The way I conduct a Remote Healing is by using a lock of hair,  obtained from the patient, (generally 10-15 hairs) cut from both the right and left side of the nape of the neck.   I can dowse over this in much the same way as if I had a patient sitting in front of me as the hair carries a genetical blueprint of the person.  The same protocol is used, as in a face to face consultation, where I dowse over various charts to gather readings on body systems, organs etc. 

By assessing the direction of flow in the pendulum I can ascertain areas of sickness and dowse which Homoeopathic remedies are required for the patient. These Homoeopathic preparations taken from a master remedy library are placed into a Radionics machine and copied over to make a combination formula.  This formula will then be made into a transdermal patch for the patient,  just the same as is done for patients that visit in person, in order to effect a positive recovery. The transdermal patch is then posted out to the patient and contact is established to discuss results via telephone or e-mail.

This type of treatment has shown to be most effective if you cannot attend personally and is ideally suited to anyone situated a considerable distance from my clinic. This is really something that should be considered if you live interstate, overseas or are unable to travel for health reasons.

Additional techniques are occasionally employed to enhance a treatment, such as the power of prayer, healing mandalas and/or remote transmission.

Absent Healing  and It's Benefits


Absent healing is a form of healing via energy which is transmitted through the universe to a patient by the power of thought and visualization. Absent or distant healing is performed in a patient's absence. The healers include those who practice spiritual healing and use prayer, meditation or visualization therapy to link themselves to the divine or mystical healing forces which are then channelled to patients, thus activating their power to heal themselves.

Any mental, physical or spiritual distress can be treated through absent healing. The patient need not take an active part and still stand to benefit from it, although it is thought that a relaxed and positive patient is more receptive to healing energies. Because the patient does not have to participate actively, this kind of healing is particularly suitable for babies, young children and even animals, for very ill or unconscious patients or for the mentally disturbed.

Chronically ill people whose vitality and self-healing powers have been exhausted by lengthy illness may gain special benefits. Studies and experiments have shown that this absent healing power can help speed up the natural healing process of the body and thus can improve the recovery time period for the patient. It can thus be used to combat serious illness and the effects of energy draining treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.


The patients may not even know that they are being healed, although most healers will send healing only when requested by a patient. Absent healing can also be called as faith healing, spiritual healing. There is absent healing even in Reiki.

Often healing is sought as a last resort when the body’s defences are already depleted and although it has proved successful in a few cases regarded by orthodox medicine as incurable, patients should not expect absent healing to be effective immediately. Progress is often slow, sometimes even preceded by worsening symptoms as the body seeks to regain its ability to fight the illness.

Healers usually discover the ability of absent healing by accident and see it as a gift which they must use in the service of the others. Most regard themselves as channels for powers which come from beyond them and not as being personally able to heal. Often training or religious beliefs help them develop their gifts.

Many therapists work only as healers while others offer healing amidst a variety of treatments. Healing also forms a part of many religions. And a number of medical boards across the world have no prohibition against a doctor prescribing absent healing provided the doctor remains in charge of the patient’s treatment.

Spiritual healers never accept that a case may be incurable and this alone encourages many seriously ill patients. It simply has a positive psychological effect on the body and mind and even where a condition cannot be reversed or improved, a patient may be relieved of distress and turned towards accepting the condition with a positive mind.

Healing is normally experienced in many different ways. The feeling can range from being a pleasant feeling of warmth or coolness to a tingling sensation and a profound sense of relaxation. One can also experience peace and serenity. But there are cases when recipients do not experience any feelings. Healers always do tell the people about this, so that the recipient is aware. It does not mean that there has been no healing. It just varies according to the needs. So it is important to be positive.


Many people even experience a sense of inner harmony through this kind of therapy. The only danger that arises is when conventional treatment, which may help, is neglected in favour of absent healing. Absent Healing can be also seen as a secondary technique to conventional medicine practices by directing the life energy to a patient in order to help him or her recover.

Most medical practitioners remain sceptical of the benefits of absent healing. In fact, many believe that the good results are temporary psychological effects; the patient is helped by what he or she believes will help them - at least in the short term. But whatever their attitude, practitioners of all kinds do agree that absent healing cannot do any harm as long as it does not take the place of other treatment and provided the patients hopes are not raised unrealistically.

The best way for Absent healing to be really effective is if the patient is receptive and accepts the healing energy, though it can also work when one is asleep, it is better to participate in the therapy as it has a stronger impact.

Before getting Absent Healing for a family or friend, it is polite to ask them if they are fine with it. Only then go ahead with it.

Do check the credentials of the healer/healing institution before going ahead with the therapy

Along with the healing energy, healers will also send the understanding that it is for the highest good of the recipient.

Do give a description of the ailment or what actual help is required, to the healer. It will also help if one gives the length of time one is sick.

Don't neglect to seek professional medical help.

Having a picture of the recipient does help the healer focus and concentrate better, which results in stronger energy flow.

Always choose a quiet and meditative place to both give energy and receive healing.

Be positive about the healing, leave scepticism behind.

In most cases, healers do not attempt to examine or diagnose patients and advise them to consult a doctor wherever necessary.

Absent healing is a gradual process of helping people heal themselves. Instant cures cannot be expected especially where illness is a result of long-standing factors such as an unhealthy diet or constant stress. In these cases, though healing helps but it is not offered as a replacement for more direct orthodox therapies.

Absent Healing & Energy

Absent healing, or more commonly known as distance healing, has been used by man throughout time. This form of alternative therapy occurs when a person not in the same location as the healer, receives remedial thoughts, colour visualisations, prayers and energy with curative properties. It is a natural energy, free for everyone and complements conventional medicine.

We are in our purest natural form of energy. As human beings, we continually interact with different levels and forms of energy. For example Interactions with people, every day can have a positive and negative effect on us. Have you ever walked into a room full of people and you can automatically detect the levels of energy within the room making you happy or sad? This is because on one level we consciously use energy to express and communicate our emotions and thoughts to each other and on another level, we can also unconsciously send and receive the "unseen" positive and negative vibrations which affect us.

Experiencing positive energy has been proven to be therapeutic and remedial, helping a person to balance out and cleanse negativity from their chakras. This can leave the person feeling refreshed both physically and mentally. There are many forms of natural remediation which enable positive energy to be experienced, giving the person in need the ability to choose a method that they are most comfortable with. To benefit a person does not need to be an ardent believer or follower in God for them to be open to being "healed".


Another method of healing is Meditation. This can often lead to wonderful benefits. Meditation is the act of contemplating spiritual matters or giving you time for reflection. For example when you next have a quiet moment, find somewhere (without any distractions) to sit comfortably and close your eyes, let your thoughts wander in and out and concentrate on your breathing. Try this for ten minutes and see how you feel.

Everyone can benefit from these methods of healing both for themselves and others. Through opening their minds to spirituality sending loved ones or friends healing thoughts can give some relief to a person's physical and emotional burden.


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*Vivian uses her intuitive skills as a medical dowser tapping into a natural force to help her identify areas of health consideration. Please note that Vivian will not ask you to give up any medically prescribed medication or interfere with any medically prescribed treatment plan, rather add to this so that you can you may be proactive in your recovery and if required reassess your condition with your medical doctor. This treatment plan suits many patients looking for a more gentle and natural approach to their health care improvement.


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