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Vibrational Health

Vivian Mizzi, Homoeopath (L.C.H.)

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Why Vibrational Health

*Vivian uses her intuitive skills as a medical dowser tapping into a natural force to help her identify areas of health consideration. Please note that Vivian will not ask you to give up any medically prescribed medication or interfere with any medically prescribed treatment plan, rather add to this so that you can you may be proactive in your recovery and if required reassess your condition with your medical doctor. This treatment plan suits many patients looking for a more gentle and natural approach to their health care improvement.


Vibrational Health
ABN :56 970 090 739
Vivian Mizzi - Homoeopath L.C.H.

Medical Intuitive Dowsing

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PO Box 133 Mooloolaba

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